You are Gorgeous

A real life poetry to open your eyes so that you look at the world differently.

Mirrors are like you,
They can misconstrue,
Depending on which type of light,
On each presentation,
you’ll see something new,
Regardless you’re a beautiful sight.
Look deep inside,
You have nothing to hide,
Self-belief will get rid of that doubt,
Reality beckons it can’t be denied,
‘You’re Gorgeous, Within And Without.

We live in a society where we do not want to be judged but we miss no chance of judging other sapiens. Be it be a girl walking by a street wearing a dress or a girl wearing a saree and being molested.

It really doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. A simple example of this can be a girl who has a lot of guy friends. A girl like that is termed characterless or whatnot.

Let’s just forget about this particular topic. We live in a society where we are so busy achieving big things, lost in the materialistic world that we think it’s okay to crush a few people on our journey to success.

We live in a world where if one of our friends become successful we feel jealous rather than feeling happy about it. We live in a world where we are embarrassed about our parents at times, the ones who are the reason behind our existence. We live in a world where we choose good time over good people and years of bond and relationship.

In this fast pace life, giving importance to the materialistic thing we have lost the value of people, we have lost humanity and now we are a mere machine doing the daily chores for a life that is Instagram-able maybe but not happy for sure.

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