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Women in Business: Christina Wren

In the business world, Wren’s Origami is a toddler. Christina started her creative and artistic company in February 2020, before the pandemic hit and made everything harder. Covid-19 complicated and already challenging situation: a stay at home mother diagnosed with depression and getting into a new, business adventure. 

Christine has two 4-year old daughters and she has been a stay-at-home mom anad, during this time, she was diagnosed twice with depression. To have a clear focus, she decided to open an origami company.

“Origami was always a childhood hobby of mine. I started doing it again to help with my mental health,” Christina says. 

When she started, she was nervous of people’s reaction. Would they like it? Christina’s family and friends for her best supporters and her first clients, until she started selling on social media. Customers loved her origami. Christina took a leap of faith and she was rewarded. 

I did something for myself after doing everything for my family for 4 years! Also I find folding origami very calming and therapeutic so it helped my anxiety and depression a lot,” Christina says. 

The customers of Wren’s Origami are the inspiration for new products and they are always challenging Christina. Her hobby turned into a full time job, working around her young daughters. Although finding work life balance isn’t always easy. The children’s schedules are constantly changing, with one starting school and the other having a hard time napping. Plus her customers, Christina manages many responsibilities. 

Responsibilities a man doesn’t have. Men are excused for the mental load they might feel, while society is unforgiving with women. Men are not expected to look after the children: they go to work, come home, play a bit with the kids, and their job is done. For women, reality is different. 

“I have to feed the kids, bathe them, organise our social calendar, do the shopping, all the housework,” Christina says, “We have 101 and 1 things to juggle and people still expect that! They would never expect a man to do all that.”

Still, Christina doesn’t give up. She moves between her work and her family, realizing colorful and unique origami. Her art is the expression of her strength. 

Check out Wren’t Origami on Instagram and start shopping her creations! 

Content by Gaia Zol.

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