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Women in Business: Alejandra Araseb

Women in Business

Alejandra started her Eco Boutique in Chicago six years ago, focusing on the importance and beauty of nature. Her creations include glass terrariums, decorations, and jewelry. 

Alejandra always had an artistic talent. She grew up in Mexico, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and by a family of artisans. Since she was young, she has been drawing and designing clothes. She didn’t study fashion but that didn’t stop her success: she started drawing specific pieces for specific clients. 

“My talent was born by observing the people around me and from what I already had in my veins,” says Alejandra. 

When she moved to the United States, she started exploring her talent and improving her skills. She pushed fashion aside to create floral decorations and ornaments. She started selling her art online and during events: the public loved her work. She moved on to participating in fairs and local markets, to meet artisans and clients. 

For an artist, public recognition is crucial. Not just the financial recognition, but also the ability to put a smile on someone’s face. That smile gives Alejandra the determination and strength to move forward. 

“Creating art distracts me and allows me to forget my problems,” says Alejandra, “it’s a good therapy against stress, which is a big problem especially now, during a pandemic.”

Covid-19 didn’t just cause stress to clients, but it affects the artist’s work and livelihood. People have lost their jobs and their income, so they don’t buy art, which they consider a luxury. Instead of thinking about the difficulties, Alejandra has decided to focus on creating new art. 

She has started using macramè in her art, inspired by her aunt Maria, and she will soon have those items to her online store. When you are an entrepreneur, the challenges are endless and expected. 

“Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win,” says Alejandra, “but thanks to globalization, my products can reach every corner of the world.”

Clients from all over the globe appreciate Alejandra’s art and they never judge nor penalize her for being a woman. She never faced prejudice and she is proud of her independence. Alejandra believes she is lucky to live in Chicago. 

“I have always been able to grow, respected and admired,” she says. 

Click here to check out Alejandra’s art. 

Content by Gaia Zol.

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