The Tom and Jerry Tshirts

Can one even forget Tom and Jerry?
The saviour of our childhood from boring summer classes!

Tom chases Jerry, Jerry safeguards herself by hook or by crook! And we, as kids, follow escapism, watching them and denying reality! How else can you spend your precious time than watching this series!

Thinking about the cartoon, its extrasensory elements and fantasy, urging one to watch it over and again. With dialogues or without dialogues, they’re always a treat to the eyes.

Those were the best days down our memory lane! In the cartoon, some are greedy, some are caring and a few are ever angry.

But, I bet! Irrespective of age, one is always greedy for Tom and Jerry prints. Whenever, wherever I see Tom, I put him in my bag, to put on myself later.

Everyone might have experienced this. The very sight when you switch on the old small television box is either Tom or Jerry. I ask you to go back to the past, you’ll see yourself as a kid watching TV. And now come back, you are grown tall and fat, your television has got slim, but still, Tom and Jerry remains the same.

To do what you like is the secret to happiness! So, how old you’re doesn’t matter for wearing this cool TJ Tshirt!

Critics may find it bad for your mental health, parents may find it bad for education, doctors may fear your eye health! But I’d say, do what your heart longs for! Buy these awesome Tom and Jerry Tshirts.

I swear they will go perfect on you, and let the world get to know your nostalgia for Tom and Jerry!

Whether they are friends or rivals, is a disputable topic, and only the director knows that, but I’m sure this T-shirt and your skin will always be friendly.