The introvert!

Have you heard of a girl who says “Hrithik Roshan? Who is he?”
She is a paradox! And in the eyes of the society, a mystery! She is a lover of solitude, as the saying goes, “You cannot be lonely if you love the person you are alone with!”

She dresses in white with neatly plaited long hair and kumkum over her forehead, a lover of nature, probably because the disgusting world for humans did not entertain her. She is mocked for being silent and lonely always. But why? because even she could ask, why are people always in groups and why do they keep talking unnecessarily. In a nutshell, “Speech is silver, silence is gold” That’s her mantra in a sentence.
Whenever she is disturbed, she finds peace in the laps of mother nature. There should certainly be someone with whom you can be with a naked mind, always. And, for her, it is those trees and seas around. The only beings who are privileged to touch her body naked, are the neighbourhood pool’s water and the air that accompanies it. She shares all her secrets to only three people in the universe! The breeze at the dawn, the moon, with whom she plays hide and seek in the mid night, and the blessed plants in her garden. She loves all the 5 elements of life and thanks them everyday. They love her too!

She is predictable in her unpredictability.

She wakes up early by 4am, gives a warm hug to any pregnant tree in her garden, brushes with Neem sticks, bathes with charcoal and cold water, sits silently with birds and butterflies, sometimes with snakes that visit her, enjoy a few minutes, thanking the Cosmos for keeping her alive and she does her daily chores, sweeping the floor and decorating it with rice flour, having some fruits from her garden for the breakfast, vegs for the lunch, waters the plants in the dusk, and retires into SOLITUDE!

The same continues daily when she’s accused for being in her own world often. One evening, the people around her make her sit and sit around her! She feels like she’s handcuffed for a (so called) mistake! The mistake of being different from all others! The mistake of not being a Roman in Rome!

The lecture begins in a soft tone. Uncle Saki says, “Radha will be a doctor for sure!” The next uncle follows, “Asking the rank holder to be a doctor! She’ll be an IAS, and service the people, making all of us proud! All will salute her”.

No one knows what her problem is. In fact no one knows that she has a problem, indeed. She does not want people to salute her! She wanted not an authoritative respect, but a kind of devotional respect!

And when she listens to them, she feels like running to the mango tree in her garden, that gives her a branch to sit and cherishes her whenever she visits! But she respects elders! She listens to them with a great smile on her face!

When the entire family finishes the lecture, she quietly thanks them and moves on to her Eden, sits there and starts sharing the incident. Everyone including the vipers comes near her with sad faces and listens to her lament. As she keeps explaining her issue, pearls of hurt start falling from her eyes that have become wells! It is unbearable for her loved ones! Mr. Mango extends his hands to wipe her tears. Mrs. Neem puts her in her arms. Mr. Teak and Mr. Coconut, who does not have branches to come down to her, sends their huge leaves to soothe her. Mr. Fire asks if he should burn the people who intended to hurt her! She explains fire not to do so, because her problem is not with the society, but with herself !
Meanwhile Mrs. Sky starts showering silently to calm her down!
Mrs. Moon, who was eager to play hide and seek, also could not see her cry and so becomes bright and full.
She cries out the entire night and hopes for the good.

She loves solitude, she loves people! That’s not contradictory but complementary. She loves being in a joined family! In a long mud home, with all her relatives. She wants to live such a life that would have made Milton reconsider his decision of writing “Paradise lost” or even urge him to write “Paradise regained 2.0”.

All those plants and trees in her garden, in association with the five elements, discuss to find a solution to their friend’s issue. They plan to seek help from Lord Krishna! The peacock, Mrs. Tulsi and Mrs. Jasmine who are His favorites, asks Him to help them by finding a man, who is as good as Him in his virtues and who is capable of sitting by her side when she’s frustrated, and listen to her without getting frustrated! They ask Krishna to once be the Charioteer, but this time, of her life!

Krishna Gospels, “I have already created him and am waiting for the right time for uniting them. The right time comes when she makes all her family members happy first. Only when she finds happiness in others’ happiness, only when she gives up her wishes for others’ sake, she is ready to get married.”

They tell this to Radha, who gets enlightened. She acts as a Roman, but now, contentedly. All of them in the family are happy now and she is happy too!

Now, they find her, the Krishna created one and get her married. Lord Krishna blesses them with flowers and they lived divinely united thereafter!


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