The first encounter
was a thunder
He came in slowly
But with a silent roar.
He tapped my shoulder
From the back of course

We took the staircase
To the cafeteria
Seated on the chair
I pretended as if I was listening
while he spoke a lot.
He spoke a lot
While I was lost in thoughts
Didn’t grasp a word
and I locked it with a question
happy to end
the silent encounter.

Sneaking out of the frame
as and when I saw him
it was time for the second brush.

He came in slowly
and was not a roar
I could see him coming
Looking for bolt.

It was sweet this time
Contradicting what I was told.
Getting a spoon of halwa
He made me recall my bro.

Then was the time
of a deeper dive
sneaking silent glances
I thought for a while
He was silent
and full of life
Often stroking his hair
never cared a dime.
Of what I was told
was not so true
but I still seek escape
when I see him through.

A message to my readers.

This poem is about an encounter with a person you have heard about but never met.
What happens with us is we meet people, or we often hear to people and tend to make an image of the person without actually evaluating the truthfulness of what is visible and what is being told.

Everyone might have heard of different personalities, we all live multiple personalities depending on the situation, place, or person we are interacting with. For example, the way we are at home will never be the same as how we behave or act in office space.

Similarly, if you hear about people or see something its important to understand that there can always be reasons behind that particular moment. Ans especially when you hear about someone from a third person, the point is that its how the third person perceives the personality of the human being talked about. But that nowhere proves the fact that they are supposed to be that way, maybe that is a side of their personality for the third person with respect to the sort of relationship they share.

So always know before you judge.

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