Harry Potter Black Mug


Black ceramic
11 oz (0.33 l)
Rounded corners

Are you a die hard harry potter fan?

Have you watched the series again and again? Or you just like the mug anyway.

No matter what the reason is this harry potter mug is a sure shot buy to add magic to your life.

Enjoy your favorite drink in this special mug.
Whatever you love, whoever you are this mug is for you.

Still not convinced?

Who else here can watch harry potter series again and again.
At least I can.
Remember the first glimpse of Harry the way he is woken up by his brother relentlessly jumping on the staircase and showering dust on him. To which Harry wakes up and gets on his spectacles.

After that the way their house was surrounded only to get Harry to Hogwarts to do great things. But nothing has been simple in this series and so was how Harry found out that he was a wizard and the only place he belongs to was the world of magic, Hogwarts of course.
Above all the series is filled with spectacular effects, unpredictable moments, and unique characters. The only fair thing to say about the series is that it’s just magical and beyond imagination.

Even more exciting part is how the story revolves around an eleven-year-old boy and the adventures he experiences in the school of wizardly and it still being so interesting.
The series puts us in nothing but in a position to get lost in the world of magic. And therefore we want to explore it for ourselves.
However that’s not what we can do. But we can surely add the harry potter flavor to our life by buying this Mug.
So stop thinking and get it now.

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