May be it was One Sided Love

Before dozing off
Or waking up to the morning coffee
My first thought each morning
Was about you and the beautiful moments we spent together
While reading the newspaper
As you know how old school I always was
On every zodiac sign prediction post.
After looking through mine I would always check yours.
To check for the possibilities of us
Together once again.
May be for one more time
We could start all fresh
Maybe this time we will be together for lifelong.
Maybe this time I wont mess it up
And also you might understand
That all that I crave for is love
And the materialistic thing do not matter.
Its not how you think its supposed to be.
Not all girls crave money
Big house.
Fancy Parties.
Lavish Lifestyle.
Or just maybe I should have loved the same way.
Should have loved my soul before loving yours.
So when i was on the verge of a betrayal.
Where I could have made things right.
I couldn’t convince you to stay with me.
Because maybe, I wanted to get away from me too.
I agree relationships are necessary.
But frankly self love is a necessity.
I wanted my relationship to work out.
But for that I had to build one with myself first.
If I didn’t dare to love my flaws.
How could I accept you with yours?
If I didn’t have time for myself.
How would I make time for us?

Just may be we should spend some time
Loving ourselves and keeping us happy
And may be once we heal
Once we start to appreciate self existance
We might cross paths once again
Only to fall in love
This time for once and forever.

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