Now it was quite a time since I was hearing about this beautiful place the Neemrana Fort Palace. I finally decided to visit the place this march 2020.

However, I wondered it would be perfect to visit this place with my boyfriend. But then I remembered I don’t have one. Hahaa… So I planned it for my parents anniversary and booked it for the weekend. This was one of the best decisions I made.

So now I 'll take you through the two-days one-night perfect vacation I had till date.

We left Delhi on the 29th of February at around 11. The perfect thing to do before heading to a place is to check for the right spots to stop on while you are on the journey. I drove the car to the destination and the prior research did help.

We stopped at The Recycle Cafe. The Recycle Cafe has a really good concept wherein the recycled material is used to design the entire look of the cafe. The ambiance is so cool that you will surely fall in love. Also, they have a big open area with a sitting arrangement and a few cool swings. So if this falls in your way you surely need to try it out.


We spent an hour or two at the place and the pictures are evidence of the fun we had.

Now driving to the Neemrana fort palace finally got a little lost on my way. So mind a small left diversion with a U-Turn to head up to the destination if you too don’t wanna get stuck and waste time.

We finally reached around 3 pm and checked in.
The perfect time to reach I would say. Keep reading to know why I said that.
Okay so at around 4 pm sharp the guide takes you around the property telling you about the history of the palace. While you adore the beauty and tradition of the palace they take you through the story of the Neemrana Fort Palace and how it later on turned into a hotel, a traditional hotel indeed.

While you are exploring the palace with the guide. They serve you tea and coffee with some cookies and brownie of course. And believe me on that do take a piece of the brownie it’s just amazing. I cannot really put it into words.

Firstly the mouth-watering brownie with some coffee is just my kind of perfect to that the iceing on it was the beautiful weather with clean as a whistle place and ambiance.

Post that you can explore and roam around the palace. Because the next planned event by the fort is the dance performance which happens around 6:30 pm.


But i don’t know if I was fortunate enough or unfortunate enough to experience the rain while I was in the fort roaming and waiting for the performance. Why fortunate is because now sitting on a chair by the pool and a chilled breeze hitting your face while you move your fingers in your hair to settle them at one place is a pure bliss.

The reason I say unfortunate is because the venue of the performance was an open area so then the performance was rescheduled in a closed hall. So that is what I missed having an experience of. 

Post the performance the dinner again is normally served near the pool in an open area but the weather was so not favoring us. So it was shifted in a hall. 

Now when you finally get a plate for yourself, believe me, it’s not going to be easy they offer a lot of variety I cannot exactly recall the number and names of the dishes. But one thing is for sure they cover the menu in a way that can leave no heart hurt. 

You are surely going to have the best dining experience.

What I personally love about the fort is the dress code- they have a thematic traditional dress code that is strictly followed by all the staff members. Truly giving you a traditional experience with a perfect blend of luxury.

As time passed I was surely in love. In love with the trees, the people, the colors, food, and coffee of course.

The day passed we moved to our room The Neelam Mahal. Feels like we are in the ancient time living the life of the king or the queen.

Then what a bliss it was the next morning heading up to the same hall for the breakfast at around 10 to a wide variety and but then locking it with a kiss- My morning coffee.


Now it was time to head back home but we decided to have a camel ride to the Rani ki Baoli- it’s nine storeys deep. It was a short and nice experience again hearing the story of Thakur Janak Singh in the late 1700. 

Also being told about how Aman Nath and his fellow friend who bought the fort for just 7 Lakhs back in time and renovated and made new structures and gave the look it has today. 

The cute part is- The Rani is still alive and the Hotel feels an honor inviting her for a few vital events that happen within the premises which is a very nice concept. 

Totally a story worth listening to.

In short, I had the best time of my life in these two days. So peaceful and so alluring that I really can’t get over it.

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