Love at first sight
Do you believe in
Love at first sight
At least I didn’t
Until I tried looking through it
The other way out
But I m too sure You don’t
Until the day
I met him
It was August 2016
The college campus
Same old Computer labs
and the not so interested students of course.

Until the day
When my fingers were busy typing a story
Sitting on the aisle side of the table was him.

Until the day
He was staring at me
and I caught him doing so
but he didn’t look off.

Until the day I was in the class
silently crying
no one noticed but him.

Until the day he stopped talking to me
listening to me
we just shared silent glances.

And I was lost in his thoughts
But he didn’t care
It is not the story of the perfect ending
But a story of commitment
A commitment to self
To stare him from a distance
To not look into his eyes
To avoid a conversation
To just love unconditionally for now and forever.

And now when I see back in time
I still do love him.
It has been 4 long years
And I still do love him.
For the way he smelled.
The way he smiled
The way his sparkling eyes made me feel butterflies in my stomach.
Yes At least for now I know he was and he is my love at first sight.

What happens with us?

The sapiens. We are such a compromised and complex living being. We often do not realize what we have in front of us readily available which might be the perfect thing we have ever wanted. But we run after something we do not get easily and in this journey what happens is that we lose something precious only to realize later how much it meant to us. But now it’s gone and we again are running after something or someone we can’t have with a heart full of regrets. In short realise and value what you have right now.

Thanks for reading. In the comment section, I would like to know your thoughts about - If someone moved on. Was it really love?

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