letter to my brother

A Letter to my Brother

Its funny
How soon we grow up
It was indeed yesterday
I used to push him off the bed
While being unable to hit him hard.
It was yesterday I used to switch off the TV
While he was busy playing or watching the match.
Having no control over him.

It seems yesterday when
He left the house for his undergraduation.
It was yesterday when he used to come home for college vacations.
And while he packed his bags to head up to Chandigarh
Getting back to his college
I used to avoid an eye contact resisting myself
Resisting myself to express or to cry out loud.
Such was the bond between us.
But never did I say what it meant to me.
What it felt like.
To see him going
And then waiting for seconds, hours, days, and a few months indeed
Just to see him once again.

It was indeed yesterday.
He came back
And we moved to the new house.
It was indeed yesterday when he called me up to tell me that
Now I will have to move to Singapore.
For a better tomorrow.
For now, he is far away I can speak
We don’t measure the distance
But we live
We don’t say it
But we feel
We don’t always agree
But we hesitate
We don’t talk often
But we know
While he was getting ready
Taking his luggage
Heading to the lift
I barely spoke anything
I skipped the last sight of him.
It was indeed yesterday
I cried for hours.
It was indeed yesterday
He left
I barely tell but I feel.

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