In the world full of Choices, Upgrades, and updates.
Everyone desiring for the BEST LIFE!
Now, How do you define the best?
Who decides which is the best for you?
In the world which says Never settle, there is always a desire for more!
This attitude brings in a lack of responsibility and commitment! If you are constantly changing things in your life,
Seeking to purchase something better,
Will anything ever be the best?
Or Is there something always better?
In the generation, where relationships are so fragile,
Youth finds it hard to stay with one partner!
Why? Oh, they always find someone better
Or they find imperfections with the current partner.

The best solution is to move on to a new person.
Let go of the past and begin a new relationship and then they end up in the same state.
The issue is commitment!

Commitment is an issue to those, who have dozen of options handy. Love is choosing to give someone your everything. Now let me tell you about my partner, who portrayed to me what true love is.

In this COOL generation, you are old school.
You never text me or call me, You write me letters.
You don’t like video calls, you say there is beauty in meeting the person. You love long walks and talks, as you always like to tell me “chaar kadam bas chaar kadam chal do na saath mere”.
Do you remember eating gol gappa near the bunri lake, I asked you “Why don’t you own a phone? ”

You answered with a wide smile “My voice doesn’t sound good on call”. Ok, your answer was stupid but I laughed out loud. I feel sometimes, you need to modernize. But then maybe it is a blessing to stay old school. You might think what does being old school has to do with true love. The answer to that question is modern love has adulterated basics of love.

My best memory of you is the first letter you wrote to me, it gave me vibes of the letters I used to write in school to friends in English class. And you wrote
My dear Elize,

You are a beauty, I don’t know about the beauty standards of the world but my beauty standards are kindness, love, joy, and gentleness. You stand out, my love. You were kind to me in the darkest of your days, now that is challenging, isn’t it?

Today, I wanted to declare my love for you. I LOVE YOU Elize. Now, this doesn’t mean, you have to love me back. You have the choice to choose me and love me. If you will ask me how much I love you? I would probably tell you “love cannot be measured, love is Love! You might think it’s cheesy, but I strongly believe in it. Now I don’t Love you for what you do for me, I love you for the person you are! If I would love you only for the things you do for me, then I’m just loving your service for me. But I love you Elize, your characteristics, traits, mind, and words. What would I do without your smart mouth?

That concludes my love letter. Take your time and let me know what you think about me.
Yours lovingly

That was a beautiful piece of art you have given me. I have received many more letters after that, but this one remains the winner. I was completely flattered. I don’t believe in falling in love, I believe we build love in a relationship. With you, it was a smooth journey. You gave me, you never expected, Now, that’s love. Isn’t it difficult to find pure love these days? For the pure love I got from you, I’m grateful.

I will never leave you because you’re not an option, you are my choice. When things go south, we will work on them. It’s easy to break but difficult to build. There will be problems but we will fight them together. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, not for the things you do for me, But for who you are Saddy!

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