I thought I would never fall in love with someone who smells like cigarettes and who looks like a living mess.

I thought I would never be clingy to someone who has tattoos on his neck and chest.

I thought I would never spend my nights not sleeping at all thinking about someone.

I thought I would never be so desperate to talk to someone or catch a glimpse of them.

I thought I would never look at someone’s eyes who looks dull and soulless. But I did and I get lost into it.

I thought I would never talk to guys who do not believe in God. But I ended up wanting him to talk more about it.

I thought I would never like someone who prefers beers more than coffee. But I always wake up feeling dizzy because I spent a night with him drinking his favorite beer.

I thought I would never love someone who doesn’t look like my ideal man. But I realized, the ones we love don’t always look good cause sometimes, they look like a storm with beautiful thunders.

Beautiful isn’t it? What love can make us do? It’s so unreal and hard to believe that suddenly we meet someone and there is a click and we just get swayed away. Someone who has not been through it can never believe it.

And during all this, we do the things we would never have done in our life, being in a state of love is like being unconscious, losing a sense of self, and the sense of the rules and responsibilities laid by society.

Love surely can create magic and gets unexpected things done.

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