I found love

It is dark, and quiet except the clatter of waves hitting the shore. As I approach the blitheful sea, I stare at you, twinkling far away. I wish you were here holding my hand, while we watched the stars glimmering over the sea’s surface. But now, it’s just me with empty hands and voids of your presence inside me.

When I close my eyes I can see it all. The sandcastles we built on a sunny day. How you spent hours collecting the perfect seashells for my necklace. The nights we used to sleep under the moonlit sky wrapped in each other’s arms. That one time when I got stung by a jellyfish. I was screaming with pain at first but then I saw your face, you were so worried and almost in tears, I couldn’t help but fall for you again. Then you lifted me up and carried me back home, and didn’t let me go near the waters alone after that.

All these memories are so vivid in my mind. It seems like it was just yesterday when you took me to the highest point of the city and while we were gazing at the citylights, there was a total blackout before ‘I love you’ lit up in front of my eyes. You went down on one knee, took out a ring and proposed me in the most magical way possible. Now, I am just beholding the sky, hoping that somehow you’ll align these stars in the same way like a miracle. I know you’re somewhere amidst those glittering dots, beaming your love upon me. Staring me for hours has always been your hobby. Maybe you do that now, with millions of sparkling eyes, unlike with just two before.

I start walking towards the water with my eyes closed. As the winds embrace me and the first light of dawn steals a kiss from my face, I stumble upon a tiny bottle that came with the waves. On a closer look, I see a paper inside. I remove the cork with gentle hands and unfold the paper. The message said, “Darling, these miles can never come between us as our love knows no distance. I love you. See you soon.” And just like that, seconds before the sunrise, I found your love in those words. Although it was signed with a different name, I know it in my heart that it was the miracle I wished for. You!

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