I’m going to blame all of this on the distance
And how we can’t ignore it’s existence.
But even though we are miles apart
You know that you’ve got my heart.

I’m going to blame all of this on the photos
And how they remind me of you.
I’ll look at your smile and blush for a while
Because my entire world lies in you.

I’m going to blame all of this on the songs
And how you sang them so perfectly.
I’ll kiss the words coming out of your lips
Feeling the rhythm feeling the beats.

I’m going to blame all of this on the skies
And how it changes it’s colours for us.
While one awaits the dawn
The other is amazed by the dusk.

I’m going to blame all of this on you
And how I’m madly in love with you,
And even though you truly care,
deep down you know that we can never be a pair

And finally… I’ll blame myself too
For being unsure and confused
I’m sorry for everything that happened
And I’m sorry for everything that didn’t.



The hard reality of life is a goodbye to someone or something that matters a lot to you. Often I have come across a lot of people asking about how to decide if its the right time to say goodbye?

If the other being does not value you anymore?
Or the dilemma between should I try harder or rather just let them go?

To all those people I wish to say that if you have someone you know loves you but the time is hard for you right now, things are not working out, this doesn’t mean you start to think upon giving up on that person or that relationship. What’s important is to understand is that it’s just the time that is hard and not the person, also what do you think will happen to you post a goodbye, nothing like perfect exists in this world we the humans need to create that for us together as a team.

And the other side of the story is it’s not just you in the relationship, he/she is there too, they too are going through things and feelings they do not talk about. And obviously, they too are tolerating you because of course, you are not perfect either.

So the moral is to accept someone fully with their perfection and their imperfections as well.

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