Gift Ideas, how to make the right choice

Choosing a gift is an art. You can’t just go to the store and pick something random. Like you can’t just give the same gift to different people, not just because it would look cheap and not spontaneous, also because people have different tastes and personalities. And it’s even more than the person’s character, gifting someone is also about the occasion. A corporate gift is different from an anniversary one. Giving someone a retirement present is different than celebrating their birthday. 

Here are few secrets on how to choose the right gift for the occasion and the person you are giving it to. 

Gifts for your Partner

Your partner might be one of the hardest or easiest people to please with a present, it depends. It depends on how much pressure you put on yourself and on how eager you are to impress. Sometimes we want to give the biggest, most expensive and most striking present, when in reality it is the thought that matters. You shouldn’t gift your partner only during birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, but also in everyday life. Choose something small yet telling, a present that tells your partner that you are thinking of them. 

It doesn’t have to be flashy, just a gift that will make them smile. 

Our snowglobes are the perfect solution to your doubts. The Hot Pink Teddy Bear with Lighting Couple is both romantic and adorable. The teddy bear is such a cute detail while the happy couple in the snowglobe is a reminder of your love and devotion. Otherwise, you can opt for the Couple in a Glass Snow Globe, less colorful than the teddy bear but still, made to send a message. It is a musical box with the design of a couple in a sweet embrace. It even comes with snowflakes inside and LED light to enlighten your romantic nights. Not a fan of snowglobes MARK Our Promise Me ceramic mug with a metal straw is perfect both as a gift and as a refillable option. Romantic and eco-friendly. So is our Love Never Fails mug, with a message for your partner and the environment. 

Gifts for your friends and family

The stakes are high but all your friends and family really care about is the thought. You should gift them not because it’s the customary thing to do but because you want to show them your affection and appreciation. Once again, you don’t need anything flashy, just a present that shows them you have remembered. You have remembered their birthday, their graduation, their job promotion, anything worth celebrating -even the small things. Or perhaps there is nothing to celebrate, nothing but your bond. Which is always worth celebrating.

Show them how much you care with our mugs, with different writings and styles to suit every personality. We have the “Best Brother Ever” mug full of colors and the “I Love My Sister” mug with a big, red heart. Or maybe it is for a friend and your friend, she is determined and successful, a “Girl Boss,” as our mug would say. Or perhaps your friend is a rebel, so why not choose the “Fuck the Rules” mug? Or maybe your loved one is having a hard time so why not remind them that “Good Things Take Time?” It doesn’t matter how your loved one is: we have a mug for it. 

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are presents for business partners, clients and colleagues. When you are looking to seduce a potential customer, you might give them a gift. When a colleague retires, you give them a goodbye present and you might want to show your appreciation for your team or business partner with a gift. Corporate gifts don’t necessarily have to reflect the receiverS personality but they should be elegant. They should make a statement. 

Our Petronus Twin Tower and the Burj Al Arab showpieces serve the purpose. All these pieces are cut from brass, an elegant metal that allows for intricate and life-like details. They look imposing and important in the tables of corporate waiting rooms or on the high shelves of offices. They will give a sophisticated touch to the person who receives them and you will have scored a new client or business partner. 

Occasion Gifts

These gifts are for parties and ceremonies you are invited to and yet, you might not be a close friend or family, just an acquaintance. Etiquette and good manners dictate that you can’t go empty handed to someone’s house or to someone’s ceremony, no matter how well you know the person. 

A gift that will let them know that you were thinking of them and that will make them smile at you. Something not too demanding or challenging, just a small token of your appreciation and respect. 

Our Holland Windmills in brass are perfect for the occasion because they remind people of somewhere beautiful and glamorous -and of you, of course. The windmills come in three colors: gold, silver and bronze. Choose the one you prefer and give an unforgettable gift. 

Any gift has a story to tell, give it the right ending. 

Content by Gaia Zol