When I will hear
The doorbell ring
And also the phone buzzing
Tring Tring Tring Tring

(When its time for that first kiss
Make sure we make it a bliss)

I ll open the door for you
come in slowly and do not whip

Come inside and give me a hint
While you lay a little closer to my skin.

I will walkway
Now its time, you make your way
Make your way
and hold me up
Run through my hair
and feel the touch.

Feel the touch
till we feel the rush
and now a hint
you find my face
and hold me firmly
To lose our sane

Lets close our eyes
sneaking a guilty peek
My body tingling
just pull me in
Now stroke my hair
feel the rush
Hold my head
and kiss me just.

A Message to my Readers

We often fantasize about the way we would fall in love, the beautiful moments we would spend together, getting to know each other better, better in a way that we fully devote ourselves to a relationship with no boundaries. But what happens before that? When we see someone and that person clicks to us, we start talking to them day and night, start meeting them, choose them over other things and people but still do not completely land up into a comfortable state.

Until the time the tenderness of her lips soothes your soul and she unknowingly devotes herself completely to you mentally, physically, and wholeheartedly. That’s the beauty of love and relationship. The way two people fall in love to break all boundaries for a happily ever after.

But there are two sides to a coin and so lies the hard reality of the society. Gone are the times when people valued relationships and beyond that, a kiss is nothing but a good time to people that can just happen anyway and doesn’t make a big difference. In this chaos we are losing value of relationships, the small moments that used to mean a lot is just a part of fun or lifestyle these days. A point in the list of Never Have I Ever to-do list.

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