A Unique Poem- Don't Leave Me Yet Just Stay

Don’t leave me yet just stay
For the day is still clear
You can go to the end of the day
When the sky is black with my fears
And the rain hide my tears
But the nights are the worst
There is nobody I can trust
That’s when I’ll need u the most
Together we’ll fight the ghosts
We’ll drag each other close
All through the night
To the day
Making love bringing light my way.

But soon the nights will come through my way
And we’ll have to go through it all once again
This time I ‘ll sit beside the windowpane
Staring at the stars
And refrain my pain.
And soon I ‘ll grow strong
Through this all.
Leaving the past
With you close to me or afar,
For you know
What happened was not my fault
I was just passing by the dancing hall.
The guy
Who was my idol pulled me close
And distorted me and my life
nearly or whole.

But I m learning and surviving
Each day.
Growing stronger
Through my way.
So don’t leave me ever
Just stay.

The next morning
will bring hopes our way.
Now I ‘ll be ready to face
and smash his face away.
Also now I need to be available
For the people facing and going through the same way.

Believe me
We both together will make our way
But you just remember to stay.

My Love
My Doggo

What’s the hard reality?

We the women or the girls and how can we forget about the little kids. Either it be in the metro standing or while you are in an auto rikshaw a guy sitting besides you suddenly touches you here and there. Imagine your mom sitting besides you asking you to not say a word wherein she should be asking you smash his face.
This is what i go through, we go through. Look at the situation that the guy dares to do it so openly and we being right still do not dare to speak it loud and punish him with what he deserves.

This is the society we live in and this is the freedom we created for ourselves.

Claps India. Claps Mankind.

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