Do you remember?
Our first meeting
At the Social Cafe
You were sipping your mocktail
While I stepped into the room.

Do you remember?
The first time we started talking
And it was 5am when we stopped.

Do you remember?
The first time we met
You wore a Red Kurta
And the way you duppatta
Flaired over your face.

Do you remember?
Our first movie date
And how I spend 3 hours
Looking at you
And not the screen.
And you catched me doing that.

Do you remember?
Our first valentine
How we lied to momma
Only to meet for a few minutes
And share silent glances.

Do you remember?
Right here we sat.
Right here we laughed.
Right here we kissed.
Your lips said it was getting late.
Your heart let out a sigh.
And your eyes asked me
For more than a goodbye.
My smile spoke of love.
My hug asked you to stay.
And my thumb on your chin
Rubbing it a little firmly
Asked you for consent.
The wistful touch
Of your lips on mine
The lower glossy light pink lip
Made ice cold chills
Run down my spine.
It felt like I ate
all the strawberries.
Oh i love strawberries
I guess that was the flavor of your gloss.

It was short.
Precisely 5 Mississippi.
And we only stopped
Because I almost gave you a hickey.
We hugged again,
Quite tight this time.
And then we parted
With your thoughts aligned.
Your beauty
Is like no other.
Your heart
Is as light as a feather.
You make my day feel better
Maybe we complete each other.

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1 thought on “Do you remember

  1. Beautiful and best lines.
    Kabhi kabhi ham kuch bolna chate hai lakin sabd nahi milte hai bolne k liye lakin apki ye story lines se really Mann Khush ho Gaya hai. Best of land we will wait for new lines👍👍

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