It was 18th March when I took an early off from the office and went back home as I was not feeling well, nothing sick physically but I was not mentally ready to be in an office space at that time. And then I decided to ask for a WFH for the next two days to get over the negativity and join in with a fresh mind the next week.

And then on 19th March, the company proactively started discussing COVID and that it’s better to be working from home. This is what I needed- a break from a long time. But I surely was not able to see what was coming through.

On the 24th of March, the first lockdown was announced and India was being appreciated worldwide to take the right step at the right time caring about people and not the economy but no one could see what was coming through.

Amidst all this a lot happened, lives became number. Let me just fast forward to this week that is 25th of May 2020, what a year it has been, my dad finally started going to office because the company manufactures plastic products and currently is busy with the manufacturing of the sanitizer bottles and caps.

It was 5:45 in the evening when he came back home. He used a toothpick to press the doorbell button and I opened the door and waited aside as I always used to do. Just to close the door once he is in. But that day to my surprise my dad asked me to just go inside my room.

He came in sanitized his bag and directly went for a bath cleaning all his belonging and then finally we sat together for a juicy evening.

While we were just randomly discussing the daily chores I was also connected on a chat with my dear friend. And what I got to know was shocking.

Read it very carefully

A friend of friend’s family member felt a little weak the other day. Being a responsible citizen he thought of getting a test done. And the test came positive.

The private hospitals were asking for heavy money so they had to opt for a government hospital. They told the family members to go back home assuring them that they can make a phone call every 1-2 hours. When a phone call was made the hospital staff said that the patient is on life support. Another two hours they claimed he died. What came in was just a death certificate.

No one knows what happened. A man admitted to the hospital vanished in a matter of 4 hours.

Today is the day
we realize the beauty of life
and the meaning of living.
Its the day we think beyond the economy
and value who makes it go up and down.
Its the time we do not focus on earning more.
Rather we spend what we have saved.
To save us, and to save mankind.

And if still, you cannot
Understand the sanctity of the situation
Remember if you get sick
You will be quarantined
You won’t suffer alone
But you will also make your family suffer.
If the test comes out to be positive
You will be hospitalized.
You might be on the ventilator.
And while your family will crave your presence
All they would receive will be a death certificate.

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