A unique poetry of a heart fixed only to be broken once again into millions and trillions of pieces.

Hearts are often broken
When the words are left unspoken
You’ll find swollen eyes
Brimming with lies
Why did you though
Fixed a heart that
You didn’t break
Why did you though
If u had to break it again
Gave me hope
For a better future
A future with you
But then walked away
And Restless nights
With unreasonable fights
Soon the colors will start to fade
We’ll realize it was all charade.
The night gets colder
and the sun shines bright
But nothing changes
Within my mind.
It was you before
And it’s still you.
Why did you came in
If you could not make it through.
All you wanted
Was a good time
A temporary thing
Keeps nothing aligned.

It’s worse than what
I was going through
Would have been better
If I never trusted you.

The way you came in
And give me hope.
I thought it’s for real
And let’s just go.

Go with the flow
and not generalize all the girls
But you broke my heart
Only to make it worse.

Now let me tell you
Not all girls are the same.
Generalizing men since ages
You girls too have changed.

Not all the girls
Have a good heart
Some prefer good looks
While some prefer good heart
But what’s sad is that
A good time is preferred the most
you are with someone today
Tomorrow you become a ghost
And this is now
A vicious circle
Trapping us the so-called guilty men.
Today I say it again
Not all girls are the same.

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