Dear mum,

I know you think I have attitude
But I also have a way of showing my gratitude
You’ve been my mentor, my role model
And now, this is what I’ve got to offer.

You opened my eyes and made me see
That nothing in this world comes for free
Except one thing and that’s a mother’s love
Which has godgiven strength from up above

The world has been nothing but unjust to you
And you’ve been brave enough to fight it all through
You’ve been unselfish, kind and enduring
Which I find extremely empowering

You were my sunshine on the darkest days
And Starlight in the cloudy nights
You helped me write my school essays
And taught me how to fight for my rights

Thank you for doing everything right
For facing the difficulties with all your might
And I promise one day I’ll do the same for you
I’ll make you proud and your mother too

~A message to my mother

A message to my readers.

In this fast pace of life when we are growing old, moving forward to achieve big things for us, and for our family. We often forget the fact that our parents are growing older too.

One night I was driving back home, we were returning from my mama’s place. My mother was sitting beside me and looking past the window while my eyes were on her. I realized that it had a few wrinkles and her skin was growing old, her face looked pale and as lifeless as the moon.

That day I realize we spend so much of our time with our friends which is okay, but do you remember the last time you had a quality conversation with your mom or even your dad. The last time you sat beside them and asked them about their feelings, and about life just generally.

We the generation today need to realize the responsibility we hold towards the people behind our existence, the people who care about us without any expectation, beyond that the people who have spent their lives nurturing us and making us happy.

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