Next year will be the year of fulfilling experiences, of life to the maximum. Once the coronavirus vaccine is available for everyone, it will be time to enjoy the outdoors, the theaters and our friends. 

What can we expect from next year? Here are some things to look forward to. 

  • Responsible Travel 

Coronavirus has changed the rules of tourism and the industry will never be the same -which isn’t necessarily a bad outcome. Travelers will most likely be required to wear masks at all times, even during flights and not just in the airports. Restaurants will have to space out the tables and chairs, making large gatherings difficult but more intimate outings a guarantee. People will turn to destinations closer to home, moving by train or choosing low-impact road trips. Travelers will choose the small and local businesses, supporting communities that have lost income due to Covid 19. Travel will become more responsible and respectful.

  • Movies 

With many TV series and movies on hold because of Covid19, some of us had to watch the same episodes over and over again or the same movies, the few ones we have on dvd -those of us who still have a dvd player. Next year will be the year of exciting new releases and of movie theaters. We will sit again on padded, comfortable chairs while eating popcorns and watching endless minutes of previews. One of the most anticipated movies for 2021 is Fast and Furious 9, the latest of the fast speeding cars franchise. Fantasy fans have been waiting for Avatar 2, the sequel to the 2009 hit. 

  • Music Festivals

Due to the no gathering rule and due to lockdowns worldwide, many festivals have been postponed to 2021. Next year, Lollapalooza will fill the summer days of Chicago once again and it will celebrate its 30th edition with a boom, no doubt. On the opposite side of the world, the Reading and Leads Festival in the United Kingdom has moved to the next year and while the dates are not confirmed yet, the UK is bound to have a summer of rock. Many singers and artists have also cancelled their tours with the promise of new concerts next year. What concert are you looking forward to?

  • The year of the Ox

In the Chinese calendar, 2021 is the year of the ox, a hardworking animal, humble and calm. Oxes are great leaders who believe in doing things right and tidy. Which means that next year, people who work hard and stay focused will be rewarded with money and success. It is also the year of metal, which in Chinese astrology is connected to persistence, strength and determination. Metal is associated with the autumn, the planet Venus and the color white. The year of the Ox is a year of problem solving and of economic recovery -better if dressed in white. 

  • Sports

Next year will be the year of the Olympic Games of Tokyo, of the road cycling European championships in Italy and of the soccer UEFA Euro 2020. Major that had to be postponed due to Coronavirus will finally entertain fans around the world. What we don’t know yet is the setup of the arenas and stadiums to allow social distancing. Still, no matter if there will be less public, what matters is that sports will be back on, blasting from every radio and every TV. 

  • Gossip Girl 2021, the sequel

Finally, the long awaited sequel to one of the most popular teenager shows ever. Whose side were you, on Blair or Serena? Most importantly, was Dan a good Gossip Girl? 

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