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10 Styling Tips for a Day out

10 tips to style for a Day Out

Well,having a good sense of fashion is one of the most important things. Let’s just say that if you can carry yourself in a white outfit.

It means that you know how to carry yourself in a dress that you have selected. It may not be right but you have styled yourself just perfect. And you don’t have to fuss and purchase overpriced products.

To look beautiful: you can look beautiful with your everyday clothes. You need just a few styling tips to follow and you would be back on track and forevermore fashionable. So you don’t have to go to a store and seek personal shopper.

All you have to do is follow my styling tips and let your magic begin. The most important thing when you are styling yourself is that you must be aware of two things. One, our makeup has to match your dress. And two, it is impossible to look beautiful if you don’t know what color suits you the best.

So without any delay let’s check out the top 10 styling tips that I follow myself and I think you ladies would appreciate.

1) Have a few neutrals

The very first thing that you must have in your wardrobe is having neutral colored outfits. I believe these colors can have many applications, So choose camel, beige, black, grey, and lots of white. all these colors make me feel chic and I can put them together quickly and easily.

Just by putting a camel coat on or maybe an all-white or black, they immediately give you and me very stylishly and luxe looks. So when I go shopping, I try to keep neutral shades in mind and build my outfits around it.

2) Accesorize Yourself

We all must know it is important to complement outfits with any accessories whether they may be a belt, wristwatch, a neckpiece, earrings, or goggles. It is important to have the right accessories with your outfit because they help your outfit shine brighter .

You can have a statement dress along with a statement bag but still, in your outfit there should be one thing, the “wow” factor.

3) Right shade lipstick and make-up

If you have seen “Desperate Housewives,” you are aware of Gabby p’s worry of not being able to find the right shade of lipstick for her and she looks beautiful too.

So if you want to look as beautiful as the women around the corner you must go to a store that can help you in transforming and customizing makeup and also help you find the right shade of lipstick that can match your outfits.

If you are a beginner in the make-up field I would suggest you go weather six-step lip cleansing and lipstick applying routine. It hardly takes 5 minutes to do it. Also, always apply a lighter shade lip liner with your lipstick. And make sure that you wear the same nail paint as your lipstick. And no doubt on your day out you would look fabulous and as I say the talk of the town.

4) Keep an outfit plan

You know how we have that habit of preserving some of our amazing clothes in which we look beautiful, confident, and everything we can. And of course like we have a work plan to be ahead of others all the time. To be ahead of others it is important to keep an outfit plan and it must be planned one day in advance, maybe you plan it at night for the upcoming morning.

Personally, when I purchase an outfit I make sure that I purchase the right accessories or at least have a few of them in my bag to check it with the outfit so that when I am buying something I don’t make a mistake and create much garments garbage in my cupboard. And this brings me to the point that I already have a planned outfit with the right jewelry at night. you can play fashion model for a while and try outfits if you haven’t planned it.

5) Find your style

Well, I know many times people will give you the suggestion to follow Instagram stars or maybe people around the corner whom you meet every day, but it is very important that you live in the real world. You should create and invest time in wearing those outfits that look good on you.

I am not saying that you don’t experiment, but if you want to look good and end up amazing in a party then you don’t need to follow an Instagram Star.

All you need is to think on your own and ask yourself what looks good on you and what doesn’t. The whole point is to follow your style. For example, I love the gowns worn by Kate Middleton, but if I am wearing a gown like that, I’ll make sure that it follows my body posture and the color looks really good on me and, finally, that I have enough accessories to suit the dress. Styling yourself is a game of fit and try.

6) Dress Less to Impress

Of course, we all have seen those Indian brides heavily decorated with too many jewelries on their wedding day and all I could wonder is why the women are dressed like a jewelry shop? I mean, of course, they look beautiful, that is a part of the tradition and their dress for a particular location so whenever you are dressing up yourself make sure that what kind of person are you meeting and what kind of setting are you going in?

So to answer your questions it is important to dress less you know don’t over-exercise yourself just where to arrest watch, if you go, don’t see to get a proper accessory with your outfit or just add a touch of good heels or maybe a nice bag. The point is to look beautiful within the lesser amount of budget and a few things.

7) Try something new

You know it never hurts to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. And that is exactly what you have to do on your day out you can choose an outfit that you haven’t tried before.

Like for me I hated wearing palazzo and photo of them as boring and something that wouldn’t suit me ever but one day I accidentally tried my sisters’ palazzo pant along with my peach shirt and the combination turned out to be great and comfortable as well, of course, I accessorized it with wrist watch because even on my day out conscious about time. So next time when you plan on a day out whether it is work-related or to have fun you must try something new.

8) Mix and Match Wardrobe

When it comes to making a mix and match wardrobe you can take inspiration. From Instagram stars or somebody who is in your locality. Most important thing is that your wardrobe shouldn’t have too many outfits. Have a few great pair of jeans, shirt, stays skirts, dresses and heels and accessories.

That should just go along with them and you don’t have to do the guesswork ever since the morning starts. Otherwise your day out would be spent only in planning out what outfits to wear.

9) Statement Heels

When how long would you have waited to wear heels I have to wait for 8 to 10 long years to finally wear heels. There were these great pairs of heels that I purchased from Dorothy Perkins. And in very less amount they gave my feet a very luxe look.

And I love them so much that I bought 3 more colors matching my outfit. And of course, still that I get compliments on those heels. So you must-have statement heels in your wardrobe they need not be from a very big company. They should just look good on you and with your outfits that’s all.

10) Be the talk of the town

I don’t know about you but I love being the center of attention when I attend a party. And that is why at least one of my accessories for a dress or shoes is either vintage or has a vintage look.

There are many other checks and cool times of fashions available. But when you dress up in something vintage or something borrowed from your mother, grandmother and you would understand how beautiful you look in their clothes. And it is never too bad to have a few vintage dresses that would make you look like your mother. And then you would be the talk of the town.

Hope you liked our styling tips and wish to make people stop and stare using these styling tips. Go and sway the hearts of people.

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